Learn what happened this year
Quarterly growth of portfolio revenue for 2020:
Growth across the entire portfolio by 2019
The average growth over 12 months
on a month-to-month basis, the mean deviation for 12 months is taken from January 2020
There are 9 projects in the portfolio at the beginning of 2020
on average, it takes 2 months to test an idea, 61 ideas are tested in total
at the end of 2020 19 projects
on average, it takes 4 months to create a project in the pre-seed stage
Q&A on the Admitad Projects' startup studio results of 2020
The idea of this New Year's project was coined in such an ADP style. At first, we did one thing. Then we realized that it turns out in another way; it got larger but served different purposes. Then we had a pivot and, boom! Behold the results! What's in front of you? Obviously, it's a summary. But we moved from the cold hard facts and growth rates and drastically redesigned the optics, bringing the focus to people.
Those who make ADP.
Those who are ADP.

Both in documents and in words of the company leaders, we declare that we consider people to be the main capital of ADP. Using this foundation, we build our corporate culture and form HR methods, management policies, and much more. The project that you see now is a continuation and reflection of these principles. It's essentially a personal narrative, a look at how the company lives through the prism of its feelings from working with a project or living in 2020. The stories turned out to be very different. But this shows a vital aspect of corporate culture: an opportunity to speak out is given to everyone who has something to say.

Logically, the project can be divided into two blocks. In the first one, the founders of the projects tell how their startups were included in the ADP ecosystem. In the second block, there are messages from those who aren't involved in projects but do important things: from the back office to the board. Enjoy reading!

Kind regards,
project team
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